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Wave Of Mutilation: Best Of Pixies
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The Pixies - Debaser


(also love playing drums to it on Rock Band)

This is going on my roadtrip across america playlist just so i can drum on the steering wheel as I drive, volume full, windows down!

9 07.09.11

Anonymous asked: Are you going through Texas?

yep yep yep! :D

1 07.09.11

I really want to do this!!!!…

Terror Behind The Walls; A live horror tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary, philadelphia!

Anyone wanna join me? :D

Looks amazing! Anyone know of anything else like this anywhere on my route?

4 07.09.11


1 07.09.11

Hello Alan Rickman, it’s Alan Rickman…

I have a love for all things Family Guy and all things Alan Rickman. This scene is so damn funny! :D

46 07.08.11

a little bit about me…

1.      Height: 5’2”

2.      Shoe Size: UK8 

3.      Sexual Orientation: Straight

4.      Do you Smoke? Yes

5.      Do you Drink? Yes

6.      Do you Take Drugs? No

7.      Have Tattoos? Not yet…

8.      Want any tattoos? Yep yep yep

9.      Got any Piercings? No

10.  Want any piercings? No

11.  Best friend? Don’t just have one!

12.  Relationship status: Single

13.  Biggest turn ons: Eyes, Flat Stomach, Sense of humor

14.  Biggest turn offs: Low intelligence, Arrogance

15.  Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge or Usual Suspects

16.  I’ll love you if: you make me happy

17.  A fact about your personality: Stubborn

18.  What I hate most about myself:

19.  What I love most about myself:

20.  What I want to be when I get older: Owner of a speakeasy style cocktail bar

21.  My idea of a perfect date: Something interesting, not a meal, but perhaps a trip to the zoo, rowing on a lake, something fun

22.  My biggest pet peeves: Arrogance, drugs, bad grammar

23.  A reason I’ve lied to a friend: I don’t lie

24.  What I hate the most about school: that it was so long ago? :/

25.  What my last text message says: I’m going to get fish / chips, you want anything? – My housemate

26.  What I find attractive in girls: Eyes, nice hair, cute, petit

27.  My childhood career choice: Film Star/ Director

28.  My favorite ice cream: Chocolate

29.  Who I wish I could be: nobody but myself

30.  Where I want to be right now: On a plane on the way to America!

31.  The last thing I ate: Cereal

32.  Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: Miranda Kerr

33.  A random fact about anything: England spent more money bailing out the banks a couple of years ago, than it has EVER spent on scientific research in the history of scientific funding!

3 07.07.11

in fact…

I will be needing places to stay across my whole trip!

so if you live anywhere along or close to this line in the below picture (not just the letters, but anywhere along the line), and would be willing to let me

a)crash on your sofa

b) camp in your garden

c) park in your driveway and sleep in my car

then GET IN TOUCH! :D :D :D

not even joking, shoestring travel is happening guys, and i need your help!

love love


4 07.06.11

I will be needing a place to crash on 25th July in Seattle!

Anyone got a spare sofa/bed/floor for a little English guy? :)

Seriously though, I need somewhewre to sleep! If you are up for it, please please please get in touch!

I will either leave you alone and go off and do my own thing, or you can show me around, we can hang out, get a drink, watch a movie, anything you like, im really open to anything! 

Well, there you go, let me know guys :D

ask ask ask ask ask ask

patsyjane asked: You going to North Carolina? I just spent a year over there, it's incredible.

I wont be :(

22 states, and North Carolina isnt one of them :/ I hear it should be, but i cant get everything in, and there is no way I am missing Tennessee and Kenucky! I love my american whiskey!

sup tumblr?

my ask is open (not that it is ever closed, but just wanted to throw it out there for y’all)

ask ask ask